Surprise, Arizona- AZC013 There are no active watches, warnings or advisories

Welcome to is a weather station located in Surprise, Arizona. More specifically in the Kingswood Parke community. Weather information is gathered from a LaCrosse 2310TWC mounted in my backyard and updated every 5 minutes to this website. Information is also uploaded to the WeatherUnderground site every 10 Seconds. I hope you enjoy the site and all the information supplied. Why not let me know what you think of my site and the weather data supplied by signing the guestbook.

02/01/09 Re-enabled Guestbook with a captcha now. Please Sign now.
11/01/07 Disabled the guestbook because of excess spam.
09/09/07 Migrated weather station to a newer more powerful machine (P3 1Ghz 512mb XP vs P3 500 256mb 2K).
09/04/06 Updated About Page
08/30/06 Updated Links Page
07/16/05 New Version of Website goes Online!
06/29/05 goes online
06/28/05 Registered the domain
06/27/05 Began uploading data to Wunderground
06/18/05 Mounted station in backyard.
06/12/05 After testing out the hit and miss wireless connection I decided a wired configuration would be best.
06/11/05 Began testing out station. And connecting it to a PC.
06/05/05 Purchased a LaCrosse 2310TWC Weather Station
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